Worship As It Is In Heaven

We are excited to announce that the new book “Worship As It Is In Heaven” by John Dickson and Chuck Pierce has just come out!

Here is a video from John Dickson:

Here is a bit about the book:
God is enthroned on the praises of His people, and from that throne, He governs the heavens and the earth. When we worship as they do in heaven, we unlock God’s purposes for our lives and for the earth. As our worship goes up, God’s will comes down.

In “Worship As It Is In Heaven,” John A. Dickson and Chuck D. Pierce, coauthors of “The Worship Warrior,” are calling the Body of Christ to rediscover heaven’s pattern of worship, instituted in David’s tabernacle and renewed through Jesus’ apostles in the earliest days of the Church. Through our worship, the forces of darkness are pushed back and righteousness prevails! “Worship As It Is In Heaven” is a call to enter a fullness of worship the world has rarely seen – the worship that is the conduit of God’s government of peace, justice and holiness on the earth.

16 responses to “Worship As It Is In Heaven

  1. I am Looking foward to reading this book!! We really need to know how to worship our God in these days!!

  2. Theresa Strayer


  3. I’m reading “The Worship Warrior” right now and it is awesome. Can’t wait to get this one too!!

  4. I listened to the video of John Dickerson, the book sounds refreshing. I will be purchasing this one for sure!! God Bless!!

  5. I want to praise the Lord because he has given such amazing gifts to his children.. Thank You John for sharing the gifts with us, My family and I enjoy the worship on Sunday and Wednesday with GOZ online from Port Charlotte FL and of course we jam with you too in the car … So praise the Lord for wonderful Worship that allows us to touch the heavenly realms…Be blessed

  6. Worship! I was worshiping God for a long time in church was surprised they worship that day for so long, well I looked to the heavens and was glorifying God, with all my heart and soul, I let go of everything on earth and was worshiping, adoring, loving, glorifying , praising Him and His name, then the heavens open and I was in the throne room at the foot of God, my face was before His feet. Amazing feeling, amazing moment, then my ex thug me in the arms and I fell back to my chair in amazement. My ex must have felt the annointing because he was bothered. Do not be unevenly yoked!!! My moment of worship was the most incredible, beautiful, amazing place I ever been!!! I pray that would happen to me again !!!!

  7. Sharilee rudolph

    God is calling His people back to the foundations of worship and praise. The Tabernacle of David restored is my prayer of agreement with you as this book is read and practiced by others that don’t know. I remember the time my husband and I taught this in a church in Pa and it was rejected, along with us. Today is a new day! As it is in heaven so may it be in true worshipper’s hearts

  8. Yes, we will keep moving ahead and going up!

  9. We hope to have it in portuguese very soon!

  10. i like the firesong. i would like have the song lyrics and chord or music sheet… may i have it?

  11. Holy Spirit has been bringing this to me in God’s Word through the Psalms, about praising and worshipping the Lord for all His attributes, lovingkindness, mercy, etc. I bought the book ‘Worship as it is in Heaven’. Now is the time to read it and get my questions about how to righteously praise our Lord. Thank you John and Dr. Pierce for sharing with us the way to enter the Presence of the Lord.

  12. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to receive notices by email. I’m excited about hearing more. Truly I enjoyed John’s parables that he wrote; especially the one about the soil, pruning and roots. I believe that is what the Lord is doing in me now. And, I am thankful to Him for taking out the choking roots, garbage, and those things only Abba Father, who knows us all so well, can see that need to be tended by His loving hands.

  13. How can i get more of your worship products

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